The Carlos Vieira Foundation provides grants to help provide children with autism with items and learning materials that will be used as part of behavior management and skill acquisition goals. This grant is income based, and can be applied for annually. Applications and more information can be found here:

Valley Mountain Regional Center provides coordination of care and information for qualifying children. They may also provide co-pay assistance to the children of qualifying families who are receiving behavioral health services through private insurance. Please visit the following links if you believe your child may qualify for behavioral services:

Families and individuals interested in learning more about autism can find extra information at the following locations:

Many children with special needs struggle with dental care or other hygiene-related daily living skills. The following links can provide helpful tips for helping your child tolerate these activities, and choosing a provider who is trained to work with children who are on the spectrum or possess other sensory sensitivities.

Interested in working with us, or advancing your existing career? Check out the Behavior Analyst Certification Board for information on certifications like the RBT, BCaBA, and BCBA.

Families with a child with ASD may qualify for social security benefits and financial assistance. SSDI or SSI can assist families with basic living costs on a monthly basis. Click the link below for more information on applying for SSI or SDI.

Parents that have children with ASD may have to consider extra ways to help their kids during life changes like moving. We realize moving can be challenging for these children, who thrive on consistency and structure in their routines. A major change in environment can cause them to experience sensory overload. Please visit the link below for tips on moving with an individual diagnosed with ASD.