Meet The Team

Terra Oehler

My Name is Terra Oehler, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, mother of two, and the Owner of L.I.F.E. I have been working in ABA since 2002. I received my Master of Science degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2015 and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2016. I started L.I.F.E. with one goal in mind: to build a company that provides a caring, nurturing environment for its staff, so that the children and families we serve could receive the best possible care. I’m dedicated to ensuring that all our clients receive cutting-edge, evidence-based services that put the FUN back in functional! Here at L.I.F.E., your child will receive dedicated, personalized intervention that blends play-based learning with discrete trial teaching and behavioral management. Our amazing staff has allowed us to build and grow; we have expanded past our original boundary of the Modesto/Salida area, and now serve clients across two different counties and twelve different regions. Please feel free to use the “contact us” form if you have any questions, we are always ready to help new children blossom and grow in their independence, and to work with parents and families to help facilitate that growth!

Alyssa Meshach

My name is Alyssa Meshach, I am the Board Certified Behavior Analyst for L.I.F.E. in Stanislaus County. I have worked for L.I.F.E. for three and a half years. I started as a Behavior Technician in November of 2017, and was quickly promoted to an Advanced Behavior Technician. From there I was promoted to Program Supervisor and when I graduated my Master’s Program, my title was changed to Clinical Supervisor. After passing my exam in October of 2020, I became Board Certified. I am very passionate about Applied Behavior Analysis and when I landed my first job in the field as a Behavioral Therapist at another company, I knew this was the field for me. I thoroughly enjoy working with families and providing them with the help that they need. I am passionate about the work that we do and seeing the positive difference we make in our clients lives makes it all very rewarding.

Rebecca Meyer

My Name is Rebecca Meyer, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), wife to a disabled Veteran, mother to three adult children, and grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren. I am also an auntie to two amazing nephews who have a diagnosis of Autism. I have been working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2009. I received my Master of Science degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2013 and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2015.

I started my career working in the Early Intensive Behavior Intervention field with the Merced County Office of Education in the Infant Autism program that had helped both of my nephews with early intervention. From there I became a Behavior Support Specialist and then a BCBA working with students with moderate to severe disabilities in special education. I met Terra in 2016 while working a second job at an in-home ABA service provider and became great colleagues!

My daughter started a career at Central Valley Regional Center last year and she would share with me the struggles that parents had in Merced County finding in-home ABA services. I reached out to Terra to see if she would be open to hiring me part-time to launch L.I.F.E. in Merced County. I was so excited that she was on board! I started working at L.I.F.E. initially part-time to fulfill the great need for behavioral services and support in Merced County. In June 2023, after careful thought, I leaped from the education world and started with L.I.F.E full-time! We now have been able to help multiple families in Merced County and continue to grow! I am passionate about providing quality ABA services for those in need within my community and across the Central Valley.